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DUAL COLOR Chameleon Sticks

Studies done on emergency lighting have shown that various colors are interpreted by other drivers as meaning different things. For example, amber is widely understood to show “Caution” or “Traffic Direction”, while red and blue is generally interpreted to mean “emergency”. We at LED Outfitters realize that vehicles have limited room, and are not always capable of having both a traffic advisor and a warning stick.

Bearing that in mind, we at LED Outfitters are proud to be able to offer a true innovation to the world of emergency lighting: Our Dual Color Chameleon lightsticks. Named for the lizard also capable of changing colors, our Chameleon Lightsticks feature the ability to switch between warning colors, such as red or blue, over to amber for traffic advisor functions. The lightstick is capable of both warning patterns, such as quad flash, and advisory patterns, such as left-to-right, right-to-left, and center-out.

The Chameleon Lightsticks are comprised of sealed LED Modules, making the lightsticks completely waterproof. This means users can mount the lightstick outside of the vehicle, as well interior mounting, giving the user better light dispersion and power. The onboard flasher has Traffic Advisor override capability, so users can quickly activate or deactivate a TA pattern from any standard switch panel.

Guaranteed to function even through the harshest conditions, the Chameleon Series Dual Color Lightsticks are the obvious choice for any First Responder looking to keep themselves and their vehicles well lit and protected. LED Outfitters is always looking to help our customers; if you have a question about these lights, or any of our other products, please feel free to contact one of our dedicated Customer Service representatives. We are standing by to assist you in getting the lights you require, and deserve.

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Chameleon Dual Color Rocket-X 6 Head 4TIR Series


Discounted price:  $171.59


Chameleon Dual Color Rocket-X 8 Head 4TIR Series


Discounted price:  $214.49


Chameleon Dual Color Rocket-X 6 Head LNR6 Series


Discounted price:  $228.79


Chameleon Dual Color Rocket-X 8 Head LNR6 Series


Discounted price:  $300.29