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Switch Panels & Switch Boxes

LED Outfitters has always been committed to carrying and selling high quality products. We also believe that a light is only as good as its controller; if the controller doesn’t work, the light won’t work. That is why we were careful to only carry the best of switches and switch panels, to ensure you remain in control of your equipment at all times.

Featuring illuminating on/off and momentary switches, our switch panels are constructed from tough, lightweight, and heavy duty aluminum to ensure a lifetime of proper functioning. All switch panels come with wire harnesses, fuses, and fuse holders, making installation quick, simple, and professional. The open-back shape of the switch panel allows for mounting nearly anywhere in the vehicle; dash, under seats, on consoles, etc.

Keeping full control over your equipment is imperative: features on lightbars and lightsticks are often not accessible without multiple switches to control the added abilities. Sirens, dash lights, grille lights…all of these need ‘on-and-off’ switches to be able to utilized properly. Instead of using multiple cigarette plugs, clean up the interior of the vehicle with a clean, professional switch panel.

LED Outfitters prides itself on our interest and ability in helping our fellow Public Safety professionals and Industrial Workers in getting their vehicles up to standard with the best lighting and accessories, while remaining within budgets. If you have any questions about these products, or any other products we provide, please feel free to contact us; our team of dedicated and experience Customer Service specialists is glad to assist you however we can.  

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DaMeGa Switch Panel 2 Button

CODE: 2 Button

Price: $6.00


DaMeGa Switch Panel 3 Button

CODE: 3 Button

Price: $9.00


DaMeGa Switch Panel 4 Button

CODE: 4 Button

Price: $12.00


DaMeGa Switch Panel 5 Button

CODE: 5 Button

Price: $15.00


DaMeGa Arrow Stick Switch Panel 6 Button

CODE: 6 Button

Price: $59.90


MINI Ultimate100Watt Siren


Discounted price:  $76.49


DaMeGa Ultimate Siren


Discounted price:  $134.29


DaMeGa INTEL Siren


Discounted price:  $205.69

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