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Undercover Interior Lightbars

Few volunteers and undercover operators can afford to have a fullsize lightbar drilled into the roof of their vehicle, and have had to make due with insufficient dash lights and/or grille lights to avoid drilling into their cars. We are therefore pleased to be able to offer the products that will fix this issue, our line of Undercover Visor Lightbars.

The individual designs vary, but the goal is always the same: provide top-notch warning power, and still keep the vehicle completely innocuous when powered down. The various model bars we have, such as the Predecessor, were created with a “Universal” design, designed to fit in almost every vehicle with little modification. Others, such as the Pursuer Interior Bar, are available in a variety of build types, created to fit in standard Public Safety vehicles, such as the Dodge Charger and the Ford Crown Victoria.

Utilizing high-powered, high-intensity LEDs, and coupling them with high quality optics and styles, our Interior Lightbars are sure to provide you with the lighting, and stealth, your vehicle requires.  The Interior Bars are easily mounted, often not even requiring drilling into the vehicles, and are easy to swap between vehicles when it comes to retiring fleet vehicles. Several models also offer color customization, along with build type, and LED takedown modules.

Got a question about an Interior Bar? Wondering if it can work in your specific vehicle? Give us a shout! Our dedicated Customer Service representatives are happy to assist you with your purchase, and getting the product mounted and set up perfectly.

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DaMeGa Predecessor Interior Lightbar

CODE: VZ3000

Discounted price:  $169.99


DaMeGa Element Interior Lightbar

CODE: VZ5000

Discounted price:  $178.49


DaMeGa Under Cover Vizor UV30


Discounted price:  $233.74


Under Cover Vizor UV60


Discounted price:  $248.19


Under Cover Vizor UV60 + 2 Pair A4 Grille Light Combo


Discounted price:  $307.91


DaMeGa Pursuer Series Interior Lightbar


Discounted price:  $382.49

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