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Ambulance Lights, Light Bars & Sirens

Protect yourself and your emergency team with powerful ambulance lights, light bars, and sirens.

The sound of your sirens and the sight of your lights give victims or their loved ones a spark of hope in a difficult time. Make sure that you only have the best products available today.

Ambulance LED Light Bars

Customize the ambulance LED light bars and mount them on any part of your vehicle that best serves your needs. You can choose a package or build your own to outfit your ambulance in the way you want it.

Need help? Our team of experts here at LED Outfitters is standing by to help your experience exceed your expectations. With a variety of only the highest quality of products at the best prices, we offer you quality that will last for years to come.

The Right Ambulance Lights for You

We carry everything you need to get your ambulance ready for your daily challenges.

LED dash lights, LED grille lights, visor lights, and surface mounts are all available for you to choose from. With only the most powerful LED light options, you can be sure that you will have what you need in an emergency.

With the latest technology and highest dedication from LED Outfitters, you’ll be ready for anything.

Loud Ambulance Speakers and Sirens

What would an ambulance be without its sirens and speakers?

We have the choices you need to work seamlessly with your ambulance light bars with the touch of a button on the switch box panel. With sirens blaring and lights flashing, you are sure to be seen and heard in any emergency situation, keeping yourself, your team, and people around you safe.

Browse through our selection of emergency vehicle speakers, sirens, and accessories to start building your LED lighting solution today!
LED Emergency Vehicle Warning Lights, the Best Choice you can make.
Emergency Vehicle Warning Lights are one of the first things motorists notice on the road. Naturally when choosing the right LED Warning Light Bar, you want the most durable and long lasting options possible. No matter the type of LED Warning Light Bar or LED Strobe you chose, we here at LED Outfitters have the products to meet your needs. From Hide Away LED Strobe Kits, to Surface Mounted LED Light Bars, our products are both durable, long lasting, and easy to install. Comparing traditional light bars to LED Light Bars, an LED will outperform the traditional lights every time. Take your time and choose the best Emergency LED Warning Lights you can, they can make all the difference on the road.