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Wednesday, February 22, 2017
by LED Outfitters

When you are as passionate about Emergency Vehicle Equipment as we are, it’s hard to narrow down the list of favorite products to just a few. But we’ve managed to do it again for this week’s Products of the Week! We have chosen to feature the LED Outfitters Matte Black License Plate Bracket, the SEM4 Grille Light, and Rocket-X Head 4TIR Series Warning Light.

Each LED Outfitters product brings affordability, reliability, and long-term durability to your emergency vehicle

No matter what your professional or personal safety light needs, we are sure to have what you’re looking for. We are equally proud of all of our high quality products, but here are a few Products of the Week we would like to highlight.

License Plate Bracket for your POV

The LED Outfitters Matte Black License plate bracket is made of sturdy aluminum and fits most vehicles for a hassle-free installation. Sleek and modern in appearance-with a posh matte black finish, this license plate bracket will simultaneously look great while still being strong enough to withstand the elements. The license bracket comes with hardware and mounting instructions -everything you need- to make installation a breeze! The LED Outfitters Matte Black license plate bracket is long-lasting, attractive, and cost-effective; making it the perfect accessory to any emergency or personal vehicle.

SEM4 Grille Light – Grille and Surface Mount LED

The surface-mount LED Outfitters SEM4 Grille Light is sure to meet all of your professional public safety needs. Highly reliable and affordable, this grille light is also SAE approved. It has been created and tested to withstand all weather and driving conditions, making sure you are always safe and well-seen. Available in both solid and split-color styles, each LED unit contains 4 1-watt LEDs. Featuring 22 different flash patterns- which are able to flash both simultaneously or in alternating patterns- the SEM4 makes sure other drivers see you coming, so they can safely get out of your path in a timely manner. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us.

This light can also be synchronized to work with many other LEDs for a more cooperative, effective, and visible emergency vehicle lighting solution. For something that packs such a punch, the design is very compact, giving this surface-mounted grille light a wide selection of places to be installed on your vehicle. Every light comes standard with a black mounting flange and hardware for a sturdy, durable mount. Discreet, bold, and budget-friendly, the LED Outfitters SEM4 Grille Light might just be precisely the grille light you’re looking for.

Rocket-X 8 Head 4TIR Series – an outstanding LED lightbar.

Efficiently built and with unprecedented light-output, the LED Outfitters Rocket-X 8 Head 4TIR Series Warning Light will truly blindside the competition. This light is powered by Generation III TIR technology and contains 4 LEDs per head, which is why it is able to produce such an abundance of light. Low-profile in design, this warning light’s 30 brilliant flash patterns guarantee that this unit does not need any aid from external flashers to truly shine bright. The Rocket-X features the latest in plug-and-play technology, making this light extremely user-friendly; ensuring you can customize or even repair your own lights with little-to-no frustration.

Every unit comes standard with 2” brackets, suction cups, an on/off cigarette plug and sync wire for simple synchronization with other Rocket-X units. This unit is 100% waterproof and resistant to vibration, moisture, and corrosion damage, making it suitable for both interior and exterior purposes. If you are in the market for an incredibly bright, sturdy, and functional light, the Rocket-X Head 4TIR Series light is just what you’ve been waiting for. We are so confident in this product, it even comes with a no-questions-asked five-year warranty.

LED Outfitters is committed to bringing you dependable, cost-effective Emergency Vehicle equipment. We encourage you to check out our website for more information on our products; including the science behind them.

If you need more assistance finding the LED light bar or accessories you need, or you have questions about this week’s Products of the week: the LED Outfitters License Plate Bracket, SEM4 Grille Light, and Rocket-X 8 Head 4TIR Series, contact us and a knowledgeable member of our team will be happy to assist you!



How Do LED Vehicle Lights Enhance Driving Safety and Save Lives?

Monday, January 9, 2017
by LED Outfitters
LED Eergency Light

The NYPD reported that there were 38,000 hit-and-run incidents in 2015 in New York City alone.

Think about it.

This means that there were 38,000 people in the driver’s seat who struck another human being but didn’t care. These 38,000 people were willing to let another person die rather than having to face any responsibility for the action – even if accidental.

Have you ever seen a body in the street after a hit-and-run? I have – twice. The questions that came to mind right away were the same:

“Why would someone do this?”

“Why wasn’t that pedestrian more careful?”

“Are the police going to find the driver?”

The point is I found myself wishing that I hadn’t seen those scenes, and yet hoping that there was some way to repair even a bit of the damage. But a life was lost. The damage was done.

The NYPD reported that only 48 of those 38,000 cases involved death or serious injury, but only 28 arrests were made. This is a staggering issue, and here at LED Outfitters, we want to do everything in our power to keep the hit-and-run numbers down and the arrests for the guilty up.

We work hard to provide the most advanced LED vehicle lights in the industry for law enforcement, emergency, and private vehicles.

Our LED emergency lights provide a level of awareness to all onlookers so that no one gets hurt while the law enforcement or other emergency response vehicles are rushing to help at the scene as fast as possible.

LED vehicle lights give drivers a brighter view of the road ahead, enabling them to avoid obstacles, pedestrians, or cyclists who might be on the road, even in unexpected areas. Sometimes it’s unavoidable to hit a squirrel that runs into your tires, but most accidents involving pedestrians or cyclists could easily be avoided.

10 things that you should never do while driving:

  1. Texting or searching online. We all know it but most do it anyway. Texting is dangerous. Even if you’re the most awesome driver, “out of sight, out of mind” applies to you behind the wheel. If you’re not looking at the road ahead, then you don’t know what to expect. Maybe you’ll hit a barrier, drive off the road, or hit another vehicle. This could also be the time when you hit an unprotected person. Don’t do it. Period.
  2. Drinking alcohol. Why are we talking about this? Why is it so hard to get people to realize that their minds don’t work the same way even if they’re only feeling “tipsy.” Guess what? This is what “tipsy” means – that you’re not as balanced as usual. Then why would you get behind the wheel and actually drive somewhere like that? Someone can lose a life at your hands. If you live, your life will never be the same, and your entire family and circle of friends will be affected.  Call a cab. Get an Uber. Be smart.
  3. Having an emotional conversation . Whether on the phone or with a passenger, keep your emotions calm and under control. Emotions cloud the mind, and heightened emotions can affect your vision – literally. Keep your spirits up as best as you can by listening to your favorite radio station, singing, or trying to keep on overall attitude of gratitude. Convince yourself that the cracked living room window is so much easier to deal with than a lost life.
  4. Disciplining your children. It’s a hard one. This also includes keeping a handle on your emotions. If your children get out of control while you’re driving, then it’s time to pull over to address the situation. Don’t turn around and scream into the back seat. Keep your head on your shoulders and breathe deeply. You can get through this.
  5. Bending or leaning over to grab something. While trying to take a toy from fighting children or to pick up something that you dropped – often your phone which you shouldn’t be holding – you can find yourself bending or reaching for a life-changing second. Make it wait.
  6. Driving without your hands. Did you see an adult do this when you wer e growing up? It’s clearly a bad example that you don’t want to repeat or pass on to any children. Your knee doesn’t have fingers and isn’t meant for gripping things. It’s a joint that is meant to help support you and help you to walk, not drive. If you want to use it, park the car and start walking.
  7. Getting dressed or change your clothes. This is embarrassing, but people do this. Changing a shirt or pants while driving turns your clothing into hazardous material. Besides the fact that it’s just common decency to get dressed behind closed doors and not in the traffic intersection, it’s truly risky behavior behind the wheel.
  8. Putting on makeup or shaving. You couldn’t shave anywhere else? Maybe you can wait until you’ve parked? What happens if that eyeliner pokes you in the eye? The natural reaction is to jerk backwards and grab your eye. There goes your vehicle right into another one! Unless you’re trying to give the coroner a head start, don’t apply makeup behind the wheel.
  9. Eating messy foods. Another hard one. When you’re in a hurry, it’s tempting to grab something like a delicious crunchy taco or a sizzling slice of pizza, but this can be dangerous. If some of it falls, you naturally want to clean it up, or if your fingers get greasy or saucy, then your ability to drive is affected. If you must eat fast-food behind the wheel, choose a cleaner option like a neatly wrapped burrito.
  10. Falling asleep. Sometimes it hits us suddenly, but sleepiness is a clear indicator of the inability to manage your machine on wheels. If you shouldn’t drive while tipsy or intoxicated, you shouldn’t drive while sleepy. Why? It’s basically the same state of mind. If you’re a truck driver or just making a commute, pull over to somewhere safe and take a nap!

There probably other things to avoid while driving, but this is a good start.

Even better, if you outfit your vehicle to help out other drivers, you’ve taken driving safety to the next level.

LED vehicle lights help you to see more clearly, but also help other drivers to see you more clearly.  They help pedestrians and cyclists to know that you’re coming. This means that LED vehicle lights can actually save lives.

Reach out to us here at LED Outfitters to let us help you save more lives today!

LED Technology Advancements from LightFair 2016

Saturday, July 16, 2016
by Robert Johnson

LED Technology Moves Beyond Lighting

Recently, pioneers in the field of LED technology and lighting came together to discuss industry trends, LED developments and advancements, and how LEDs are changing the way our lives function on a daily basis. These industry professionals came up with a few major points on how LEDs have changed in recent months and years, and will continue to evolve in the near future.

In the past, replacing traditional fluorescent lightbulbs with energy-saving, innovative, and long-lasting LED technology was a major selling point for homeowners and businesses to save money maintaining their homes. Now, the capabilities of LED technology are widely varied.

The benefits of using LEDs to save energy won’t be going anywhere any time soon – however, the benefits are rapidly increasing. Of course, LED lighting products use less energy, but it also uses less of your time when it comes to installation, maintenance and repairs of the lighting fixtures at home or at your office. Time is just as valuable as money for so many of us, so this is just another benefit of the long-lasting light supply provided by LEDs.

Industry experts in LED technology use the term “circadian rhythm” when they refer to the manner in which LED lighting creates a more comfortable environment and calming ambiance – especially in hospitals, extended care centers for seniors, and other assisted living facilities.

LED Technology Enters the World of Wireless

Rowan Larson, VP of CREE, a leading LED lighting company who recently assisted in the design of LEDs that create this type of relaxed atmosphere, described the rise of LED technology like this: LED technology aims to design not just light, but light that works for you. Today, LED experts are not focused on simply designing a “better” version of the traditional lightbulb. Innovators in the field consider various factors like hue and heat emitted when they designed a new type of LED.

Additionally, advancements in LED tech have made their way into the wireless niche, too. Several speakers at LightFair 2016 referred to the fact that LEDs are now one of the major key mechanisms for IoT in commercial properties.

LED technology has been implemented in homes and offices all over the world for the flexibility they provide when it comes less energy and time spent on maintenance, the comfort of less heat being emitted from the bulbs, and for the variety of unique colored light filter options. How will you make innovative LED technology work for you?

Wireless LED Lighting Revamps Live Music

Wednesday, June 8, 2016
by Robert Johnson

Wireless LEDs Shine at 2016 Billboard Awards

This year, wireless LED technology played a major role in the lighting design at the Billboard Music Awards. Held recently in Las Vegas at the end of May, LED technology helped magnify performances for various artists. Stevie Wonder, Madonna, Meghan Trainor and many more artists lit up the stage with the assistance of high-tech LED lighting while the audience joined in with LED wristbands that were designed to sync with the artists’ performances.

This high-tech wireless LED technology allowed these artists to perform a dynamic set in honor of Prince, complete with audience engagement via the synced light-up wristbands. The innovators behind this wireless LED technology, Glow Motion Technologies, are the pioneers behind a variety of LED light-powered functions that have found their place primarily in the entertainment world. Live performances are supercharged by the wireless LED lighting, and artists such as Ariana Grande, 21 Pilots and many more trending musicians have recognized the power and allure of using LEDs to light up their live shows. Coming up next for this unique wireless LED creation is Keith Urban’s summer tour, where this technology will be utilized in every show.

By illuminating the stage with Glow Motion’s wireless LED lighting, both artists and their audience can take advantage of the incredible advances in technology and create a performance they can remember. In addition to creating an incredible live show, this wireless LED technology also documents the artist’s set for fans to listen to later on. By pursuing the entertainment industry, these LED pioneers are changing the way fans and musicians experience live music.

LiFi Set to Take Over WiFi

Sunday, May 22, 2016
by Robert Johnson

How LiFi Will Change the World of Wireless

We all know what WiFi is. Chances are, you need WiFi on a daily basis – but according to industry experts, the wireless data space will become so crowded that WiFi networks will not be able to handle it. This is where LiFi comes in – LiFi uses LED technology to transfer information at ultra-fast speed. So, could LiFi really replace WiFi in the coming years?

LiFi vs. WiFi – What’s the Difference?

Instead of using radio waves to transport data like WiFi does, LiFi makes use of light waves. LiFi technology uses these light waves as a mechanism to transfer the input commands, which have been switched to binary code. The light waves then decode these messages and carry out the action required.

An initial study on the LiFi concept showed that this form of data transmission could transfer data at a rate of 1 GPBS – that means it is about 100 times faster than WiFi. Some of the uses for LiFi will likely include aviation, solar panels, schools, nuclear power stations, hospitals and in emergency situations all over the world.

How Does LiFi Work?

Li-Fi tech may be used in cars, planes, solar panels, around schools and lecture theatres, during disasters, on oil rigs and in nuclear power stations, around hospitals, or in homes and workplaces.

LiFi runs with the power of an innovative technology called VLC, or visible light communication. It works by monitoring how many photons LEDs emit, all in a way that humans cannot see or detect in any way. One of the companies that is currently expanding the concept of LiFi powered by visible light communication include Qualcomm, which has technology called Lumicast that may be used in the LED fixtures inside your home, serving the double-duty of charging your devices from a lightbulb – while saving energy.

Outdoor LED Lighting

Thursday, May 19, 2016
by Robert Johnson

Benefits of Outdoor LED Lighting

We know that make the change from traditional fluorescent bulbs to LEDs is greatly beneficial for the inside of your home. You will save money, energy, and enjoy the vibrant, natural hues that LED lighting provides. But what about outdoor LED lighting? Is it necessary? What are the benefits of installing LED lights outside your home?

Quality Lighting for Backyard Safety

Top quality outdoor LED lighting is so important for a variety of reasons. Besides the obvious allure of saving money, having a brightly lit exterior at your home can help safeguard your property and keep your family secure. First off, burglaries are far less likely to occur at a home that is lit up with a great outdoor LED lighting system (plus, it makes your property look incredible). In addition to warding off potential burglars, properly lit yards and decks outside your home help prevent your loved ones from falling due to the inability to see in the dark. So, LED lighting in your yard and other areas of your outdoor property can prevent injuries as well.

Outdoor LEDs Boosts Property Value

When you install an outdoor LED lighting system at home, your property value will increase. By adding outdoor LEDs to your home’s exterior, it’s later considered an amenity by realtors and buyers if and when you choose to sell your house. A well-lit home is considerably more attractive to those looking for a new home, plus, it will save the buyer money since you have already made the investment to install an outdoor lighting system.

Choose a quality outdoor LED system for your property, either residential or commercial. A properly lit home or office space is more visually appealing, and it creates a safer atmosphere for your family and employees as well.

US Marines Gear Up with LEDs

Sunday, May 15, 2016
by Robert Johnson

US Marines Plan to Install New LED Technology

If you are a small business owner or if you own a home, you have likely heard of the great benefits of installing LED lights to replace your old ones. LEDs save money, energy, and of course, LEDs look great in any environment. But the capacity of using LED technology is quickly becoming apparent for purposes far beyond saving energy.

Recently, the US Marines stated that it will replace their tubular lighting systems with new LED printing technology. Instead of the military’s previous tube lighting systems, which usually weight up to 45 lbs, these flat panel LEDs only weigh one pound each. What’s more, this LED technology allows for the exact same power capacity and better lighting. It also helps decrease the amount of weight carried for the soldiers.

LED Technology Designed for Endurance

The LED print technology produced by HDT Global is specially crafted for the tough conditions that the Marines endure every day. These shelter tube LED lights are packaged safely with airtight cases, cushioned for security and protected transportation, regardless of the current setting. The Marines will also benefit from the simple manner in which these LEDs can be set up, saving valuable time for the soldiers.

The functionality of this new LED technology is flawless – but they provide some options when it comes to ambiance, too. When it comes to shelter lights, the Marines can set this LED filter to emit blue, red, or blackout settings. So whether they need to set up their shelter lighting to hide out or relax, this LED technology offers many options that can be configured easily.

Other Benefits of the Marines’ LED Technology Choice

  • 60% less power use than traditional lighting
  • Approximately 50,000 hours of use
  • Strip lights are available in waterproof casing with a carry handle, bag and strap

New Website launch

Sunday, February 7, 2016
by Robert Johnson
We're pround to say that our new website is up and running.

Congrats To Susan Anderson on winning the 2nd free Intimidator Led Dash Light

Friday, December 11, 2015
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New 27Watt work Lights and Offroad Lightbar added.

Saturday, December 5, 2015
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