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Are you looking for LED lighting accessories? Check out this week’s highlighted products

Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Steve brooks

When you are as passionate about Emergency Vehicle Equipment as we are, it’s hard to narrow down the list of favorite products to just a few. But we’ve managed to do it again for this week’s Products of the Week! We have chosen to feature the LED Outfitters Matte Black License Plate Bracket, the SEM4 Grille Light, and Rocket-X Head 4TIR Series Warning Light.

Each LED Outfitters product brings affordability, reliability, and long-term durability to your emergency vehicle

No matter what your professional or personal safety light needs, we are sure to have what you’re looking for. We are equally proud of all of our high quality products, but here are a few Products of the Week we would like to highlight.

License Plate Bracket for your POV

The LED Outfitters Matte Black License plate bracket is made of sturdy aluminum and fits most vehicles for a hassle-free installation. Sleek and modern in appearance-with a posh matte black finish, this license plate bracket will simultaneously look great while still being strong enough to withstand the elements. The license bracket comes with hardware and mounting instructions -everything you need- to make installation a breeze! The LED Outfitters Matte Black license plate bracket is long-lasting, attractive, and cost-effective; making it the perfect accessory to any emergency or personal vehicle.

SEM4 Grille Light – Grille and Surface Mount LED

The surface-mount LED Outfitters SEM4 Grille Light is sure to meet all of your professional public safety needs. Highly reliable and affordable, this grille light is also SAE approved. It has been created and tested to withstand all weather and driving conditions, making sure you are always safe and well-seen. Available in both solid and split-color styles, each LED unit contains 4 1-watt LEDs. Featuring 22 different flash patterns- which are able to flash both simultaneously or in alternating patterns- the SEM4 makes sure other drivers see you coming, so they can safely get out of your path in a timely manner. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us.

This light can also be synchronized to work with many other LEDs for a more cooperative, effective, and visible emergency vehicle lighting solution. For something that packs such a punch, the design is very compact, giving this surface-mounted grille light a wide selection of places to be installed on your vehicle. Every light comes standard with a black mounting flange and hardware for a sturdy, durable mount. Discreet, bold, and budget-friendly, the LED Outfitters SEM4 Grille Light might just be precisely the grille light you’re looking for.

Rocket-X 8 Head 4TIR Series – an outstanding LED lightbar.

Efficiently built and with unprecedented light-output, the LED Outfitters Rocket-X 8 Head 4TIR Series Warning Light will truly blindside the competition. This light is powered by Generation III TIR technology and contains 4 LEDs per head, which is why it is able to produce such an abundance of light. Low-profile in design, this warning light’s 30 brilliant flash patterns guarantee that this unit does not need any aid from external flashers to truly shine bright. The Rocket-X features the latest in plug-and-play technology, making this light extremely user-friendly; ensuring you can customize or even repair your own lights with little-to-no frustration.

Every unit comes standard with 2” brackets, suction cups, an on/off cigarette plug and sync wire for simple synchronization with other Rocket-X units. This unit is 100% waterproof and resistant to vibration, moisture, and corrosion damage, making it suitable for both interior and exterior purposes. If you are in the market for an incredibly bright, sturdy, and functional light, the Rocket-X Head 4TIR Series light is just what you’ve been waiting for. We are so confident in this product, it even comes with a no-questions-asked five-year warranty.

LED Outfitters is committed to bringing you dependable, cost-effective Emergency Vehicle equipment. We encourage you to check out our website for more information on our products; including the science behind them.

If you need more assistance finding the LED light bar or accessories you need, or you have questions about this week’s Products of the week: the LED Outfitters License Plate Bracket, SEM4 Grille Light, and Rocket-X 8 Head 4TIR Series, contact us and a knowledgeable member of our team will be happy to assist you!