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How to Choose: LED Light Bar or Pod Mounting Location

Sunday, February 26, 2017
Steve brooks

Finding the perfect spot to mount your LED Light Bar is integral to the lighting process; for the correct placement can ensure that your lights are working to their full potential. That’s important to us and we’re here to help. There are many factors to consider when deciding the right mount location(s) for your needs; intended lighting use, budget, technical abilities, and last but certainly not least- personal preference.

We’re going to do some of the work for you and list and review all of your mounting options -from least to most difficult to mount and wire- below. This will help you to make the best and most educated decision for your vehicle.

Front Bumper – LED Light Mount Location

First, lets discuss the simplest LED LightBar installation location- the front bumper. Most front bumpers already have holes in them so you won’t have to purchase any additional mounting hardware or do any drilling. No muss no fuss! Even if there aren’t pre-existing holes, drilling a few into your bumper is quick, easy, and low-risk. This allows you to be in complete control of where you put your LED light bar. The front bumper is also very close in proximity to the engine compartment, so wiring should be a breeze!

The mounting versatility to the front bumper makes it appropriate for virtually any light bar; you could choose to use one 30" Razor LED LightBar or two small-but-mighty 12" Razor TIR Mini LightBars.

Now let’s discuss the drawbacks of placing your LED light bar on the front bumper. The most important is that the light source will be coming from exactly the same direction as your stock headlights. This is not a huge deal, it simply means that you won’t be utilizing the advantage of the increased visibility that having multi-directional light sources would give you.

Lower Windshield Pillar Mount – LED Light Mount Location

The lower windshield Pillar Mount is the second least difficult LED light bar mounting option. Let’s discuss some of the positives of this mounting choice. This would be a great spot to place a couple of 12" Razor Linear Mini LightBars or even two Tactical Mini LightBars. This spot ensures the better visibility that multiple mounting locations has to offer- it succeeds where the Front Bumper Mount position fails. If you’re on a budget, however, keep in mind that this location does require some extra mounting hardware, but it is relatively reasonably priced and installation is easy. It simply mounts on using your vehicle’s pre-existing holes.

Wiring from the Pillar mount may prove a little difficult and does require some drilling on your part, but it's all downhill from there. Also, if you’re worried about doing permanent damage to your vehicle-worry not- those holes can be plugged up in a jiffy using a cheap plug you can find at any hardware store.

Above the Windshield – LED Light Mount Location

The final option we are here to discuss is the above the windshield LED light bar mounting position.This spot provides- hands down- the best visibility as it allows you the most flexibility in angle differentiation from the headlights. Multiple angles allows other drivers on the road to see you better, which makes you all that much more safe. Another perk of this mounting location for your LED light bar is that it has room to accommodate some of our most substantial light bars. If you think bigger is better, we invite you to check out 40" Razor TIR LightBar, or the even larger and more powerful 48" Chrysler TIR LightBar, or our big honkin’ 55" Saber TIR LightBar- all of which come with a five-year warranty.

Much like the lower windshield mounting option, this one does require the purchase of some additional hardware. The wiring will also require you to do some drilling on your vehicle, but if achieving your maximum lighting potential is your goal, this is definitely the best mounting location option for you. It is also aesthetically the most ostentatious, so if you’re in the market for an LED light bar solution that looks as good as it works, you have come to the right spot.

A Combination

Still not sure which option is the best one for your vehicle’s lighting needs? We’ve got great news! You don’t have to limit yourself to just one choice, in fact, a combination of mounting positions makes your lighting system that much more effective. A combination of LED light bar mounting options allows you to take advantage of all that our products have to offer. As stated before, multiple lighting angles ensure peak visibility, and what is the purpose of all this LED technology if not to be seen? Multiple mounting locations also allows you to choose a look that works best for your vehicle’s aesthetic.

Choosing a mounting location is almost as important as choosing the LED light bar or mini light bar itself. You must consider what you are using the lighting system for, any and all budgetary constraints you may be working with, your level of technical ability, and your personal preference. At the end of the day, you have very specific needs and it’s all about making you happy. Do you still have questions or concerns? Are you still not sure which product or LED light bar is right for your vehicle? Contact us! Our dedicated and informed staff is standing by to help you.