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Truth Behind The Multi Colored Police Light bars and Sirens

Tuesday, July 21, 2015
Ken Awender

Led Lighting plays a major role in making police cars effective in responding to emergencies. The manufacturing of these lights are very time consuming and intricate to making a good quality product. With limited room in a car, it is necessary to place the light bars in a aerodynamic manner. These light bars can be seen on the roof of the vehicle, in the grille, on the outside mirrors, and inside the headlights and taillights. During an emergency, these visible lights warn pedestrians and motorists of the approaching response vehicle.

The flashing colored lights grab the attention of the vehicles on the road. The police cars are often seen with a combination of different colored lights and each of these lights signify certain situations. The selection of these LED light bars and sirens are done by the law enforcement agency’s preferences and the state laws. Mostly the blue and red ones are brought to use either in a pair or alone.

The police light bars contains a combination of different colors.
• In this, the red light signifies the immediate emergency and is asking for room on the road. Whereas, the blue light indirectly warns the other vehicles of the police presence. These two light bars are the most commonly used ones and most of the police cars use at least one of these or the both
• Yellow is also a part of the police led light bars and it is used to direct traffic for approaching vehicles toward the parked patrol police car.
• Apart from these, the white colors is also there in the police LED light bars and used for illuminating the path during the night.

All of these light bars can be used together or alone depending on the law and its requirements. It is recommended to not to use high intensity red and blue colors together as it will create a purple light color. These special combinations of sounds and sirens help the police reach the site of an accident in a quick matter while warning other drivers to make way for the police cars. In the United States, the law allows for some users to only use specific colors with or without a siren.

With the recent advances of led lightbars, these high-intensity lights allow for less power consumption and are available with better pricing. The next time you see a emergency vehicle approaching with emergency lights, please be sure to allow them to pass by.