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US Marines Gear Up with LEDs

Sunday, May 15, 2016
Robert Johnson

US Marines Plan to Install New LED Technology

If you are a small business owner or if you own a home, you have likely heard of the great benefits of installing LED lights to replace your old ones. LEDs save money, energy, and of course, LEDs look great in any environment. But the capacity of using LED technology is quickly becoming apparent for purposes far beyond saving energy.

Recently, the US Marines stated that it will replace their tubular lighting systems with new LED printing technology. Instead of the military’s previous tube lighting systems, which usually weight up to 45 lbs, these flat panel LEDs only weigh one pound each. What’s more, this LED technology allows for the exact same power capacity and better lighting. It also helps decrease the amount of weight carried for the soldiers.

LED Technology Designed for Endurance

The LED print technology produced by HDT Global is specially crafted for the tough conditions that the Marines endure every day. These shelter tube LED lights are packaged safely with airtight cases, cushioned for security and protected transportation, regardless of the current setting. The Marines will also benefit from the simple manner in which these LEDs can be set up, saving valuable time for the soldiers.

The functionality of this new LED technology is flawless – but they provide some options when it comes to ambiance, too. When it comes to shelter lights, the Marines can set this LED filter to emit blue, red, or blackout settings. So whether they need to set up their shelter lighting to hide out or relax, this LED technology offers many options that can be configured easily.

Other Benefits of the Marines’ LED Technology Choice

  • 60% less power use than traditional lighting
  • Approximately 50,000 hours of use
  • Strip lights are available in waterproof casing with a carry handle, bag and strap