SL20 LED DASH LIGHT 4th of July Sale

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SL20 LED DASH LIGHT 4th of July Sale
(5 reviews)
I'm happy with the amber and white color in my light- rich and easy to see. The mounting was easy and feels very solid, and I was able to start using my light immediately. Thanks, this is great!
The flashback isn't too bad, but the light itself is very good. You get used to the controls fast and it's easy to reach for, so it's pretty convenient
Amazing light output quality and a great housing design! Very well made, I don't have anything bad to say about this dash light
It shines a lot more than you would guess from 18 lights but it's easy to see from even wide angles. The suction cup mounting is pretty tight and hasn't been a problem yet.
The size is right and the design is really subtle and nice to look at, pretty pleased with it