DaMeGa FLEX 4 Grille Light 4th of July Sale

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Product information can be found at  https://www.ledoutfitters.com/surface-mount-lights/damega-flex-4-grille-light



DaMeGa FLEX 4 Grille Light 4th of July Sale
(6 reviews)
The blue color is just what i was looking for. This is a great little size, I haven't noticed any problems since I installed it and it definitely makes me more visible
Setting up my lights was simple and quick-ish, and they look amazing! The green is perfect. Awesome product!
This light is quite powerful, you would be hard to miss with more than 1 one these mounted on your grille. I recommend the L brackets, they just helped make the mount more sturdy.
I have 4 of these and they're great and sync easy, I like em
This light is built well and does a good job keeping the elements out when things are hairy
Great grille light, I will be buying more in the future. Very bright and the flash patterns are all very punchy. Awesome value and more compact than I expected.