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LED lights offer some of the best warning abilities available on the market today, but many people under-utilize this tremendous piece of equipment. Proper mounting is crucial to getting the most out of your lights, and not all vehicles have the angles necessary to get the most of the light. That is exactly why we developed the LED Mounting bracket, to assist with mounting LED Modules.

Our LED Mounting Brackets allow almost any vehicle to properly utilize and mount LED modules. Its high strength and lightweight aluminum construction guarantee easy and secure mounting for your lighting. The brackets are treated to be anti-corrosion and rust-resistant, giving the user the choice between in-vehicle or exterior mounting options. This gives you the ability to fully, professionally, and properly light up your vehicle.

We at LED Outfitters look forward to assisting First Responders and industrial operators with properly lighting up their rides. If you have a question about a product, feature, or mounting options, our dedicated Customer Service representatives are always looking to assist you with your purchase or inquiry. We stand by our customers, and our products, and we look forward to working with you.

To Mount or Not to Mount, How Mounting Brackets Fit Your Needs.

When it comes to space on an emergency, utility, or personal vehicle, mounting brackets can make all the difference. When surface areas on a vehicle are not sufficient to mount LED Strobe Lights, or LED Light Bars, applying the proper Mounting Bracket can insure your Light Bar is useable on nearly any vehicle. Pre planning your Emergency LED, and Strobe layout will help you decide the quantity, and type of mounting brackets needed. With our wide range of mounting brackets, you are able to get perfect coverage from you Strobe or LED Assemblies. Does your vehicle have a tool box or a head rack that restricts places to mount illumination equipment? With bracket mounts this space restriction becomes a nonissue.