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LED Outfitters is Currently looking for reviews on our Element 4 Grille Lights, Element 6 Grille Lights, LHA 12 LED Hide Aways, and the SL20 Dash Light. 

How To Become A Reviewer. 

Step 1- Place an order from the products listed on this page.

Step 2- In the comments section at the end of the order, specify what kind of experience you have in making and giving reviews and why we should choose you as one of our reviewers. We will review your order and contact you within 24 hours should you be chosen.

If approved to be an LED Outfitters Reviewer: 

1- Upon shipping your order, your credit card will be authorized for the amount of the items value, NOT CHARGED. You will only be responsible for the shipping cost of the item(s) to you. Free Shipping DOES NOT apply to review items.

2- Upon receiving your review of the item, the authorization will be revered and you can keep the lights for free.

3- Reviews must be sent to LED Outfitters within 7 days of receiving the product(s). If the review is not sent within this time frame, your credit card will be charged for the full amount of the product. 

Product reviews needed for select colors only. 

If you any questions or concerns regarding our policies, please feel free to contact us.