DaMeGa Dual Color ECO Interior Lightbar

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About The DaMeGa Dual Color ECO Interior Lightbar

Due to it’s classy yet sleek design, The DaMeGa ECO Interior Lightbar has been recognized highly by professionals everywhere.  A bright yet absorbent light when reflected upon, makes it impossible to miss yet discrete enough to go off-duty.  There are 15 selectable flash patterns for you to choose from.  Flash patterns are capable of being switched directly from an electronic remote. 

The DaMeGa ECO Interior Lightbar parents a self-contained internal flasher which makes it built to last. This light comes with a compact and wire harness for easy installation, as well as brackets for mounting. Keeping the product durable and easy for travelling through any weather condition. 

The DaMeGa ECO Lightbar is perfect for any emergency response vehicle.  From Police Vehicle Lighting, Fire Truck Lighting, and more, the DaMeGa ECO Lightbar is ready for professional use.


  • 5-Year Warranty Included
  • Voltage: 12VDC
  • 4 GEN III TIR LEDs per module (32 LEDs total)
  • Streamlined Design
  • Self-Contained 15 Flash Pattern Flasher
  • Includes:
    • Wire Harness for Easy-Installation
    • Mounting Brackets for Storage
  • Dimensions:
    • Length:17.8”
    • Width: 4.6”
    • Height: 1.6”


DaMeGa Dual Color ECO Interior Lightbar
(6 reviews)
This is a good price for the functionality and quality of the entire light. The materials are durable and well made and the led's are dense and powerful. Great interior light, no issues
Color and light output is great in both, the extra control box isn't bad either. I like the flasher choices and it's easy to use.
The dual color capability of this light is very impressive and is much more eye catching than single color bars
I wish there were a few more color options, but I'm happy with the red to blue style. It looks really good in action and is easy to spot even from far away!
lights are bright and color is clear. the harness made installation easier than expected
Easy access use and great design, no complaints