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Modern LED Traffic Advisor Light Bars can be mounted on your personal work vehicle, utility vehicle, and even on first responder vehicles as a way to enhance your safety. With the DaMeGa Enforcer Light Stick 8 Head, you can rest assured that you will be noticed. The Lightbar that meets and exceeds SAE J595, CCR, California Title 13 requirements. The Enforcer Light Stick 2 Head functions as both a great warning bar and arrow stick depending on your needs. As the thinnest light in the industry, this light is super discreet until you need it. 


  • This small light, measuring at less than 1-inch tall is housed in a tough Aluminum materials making this product wear-resistant, anti-corrosive, completely waterproof, weatherproof, durable, and sleek.
  • However, each head contains 6 4-watt LEDs, resulting in a seriously bright light output.
  • Also, this light features 25 warning patterns and directional patterns that are impossible to miss when flashing.
  • Every Enforcer Light Stick comes with a 10-foot cable harness and corrosion-resistant L-brackets, making installation and maintenance quick and easy.
  • The included flashback shield and suction cups also make this light a dream to use.
  • Voltage: 9-13 VDC
  • Powered by 12 VDC
  • Dimensions: Length: 37.5" x Width: 1.5" x Height: 0.95"


(5 reviews)
love how slim this light is but how it is also still very bright and the light is visible from so far away. great buy and a great deal
This is kind of superficial but I like the black finish a lot- I keep this mounted 24/7 and it just keeps it from being distracting and isn't an eyesore to look at everyday. The light is great and the flash functions are also great. I like it!
The L brackets and mounting cups do more than enough to keep this light from moving, they're perfect. The light itself works fine and as described
The Enforcer lights are always bright and reliable, so I was happy to find one in this length. The housing is very protective and the lights are very bright! Its great and easy to use, no issues
The design is great and the functions are all what I need for daily use. It is versatile and not in the way, I'm happy with this purchase