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Fire Truck Lights, Light Bars & Sirens

We know that when you are searching for fire truck lights and other accessories for your vehicle, that both quality and cost are extremely important. You need functionality that you can count on in an emergency situation and while there are a variety of choices out there, not all products are created equal.

Fire Truck Light Bars
Fire truck lights are important because they get the visual attention of other drivers in emergency situations. At LED Outfitters, we offer a broad selection of LED lights for you to choose from so that you can customize your truck in a way that is sure to meet all of your individual needs.

We offer a variety of sizes (up to 55 inches) and both internal and external LED light bar installation, which helps you choose what will look and work best for your truck.

All of our products are built with high quality parts and the latest LED technology to ensure that you receive a reliable product that will last for many years. We stand behind our products 100% and have an unbeatable warranty on every product we sell.

Fire Truck Sirens
Equally as important to outfitting your truck with the right LED light set-up, is finding the right reliable and high-quality siren to match. The benefit to using lights and sirens simultaneously is that you can capture the attention other drivers even when you aren’t in their line of sight.

Here at LED Outfitters, we are committed to your satisfaction. We invite you to browse through the pages of our website to find some of the products that you may need, including:
Fire Truck Light Bars
Fire Truck LED Surface Mounts
Fire Truck Sirens
And More!
Loud Sirens and Bright Lights for Firetrucks
Fire trucks are often the first to arrive on the scene. High quality, affordable prices and experts who know what value create a combination of dependability.
LED Outfitters is your solution for all of your fire truck lights and sirens. You want products that you can depend on and people you can trust to stand behind the products. We offer you both.
With our large variety of high quality fire truck lights and sirens, we offer you only the best in fire truck accessories. Don’t look anywhere else.
LED Fire Truck Light Bars
When you’re rushing to a scene and focused on saving lives, the last thing you need is to put others in danger.

Our selection of fire truck light bars will help you to alert other drivers or pedestrians that you’re on a roll. There are many options to choose from and we can help you to customize your truck in the best way to fit your needs.
We offer LED light bars for the inside or outside of your truck. Our selection of LED light bars and surface mount vehicle lights gives you many choices.

You can’t be more confident in your product choice than knowing that we only have the highest quality products, the best prices, and 100% guarantee on everything that we offer to you.
You can trust that any LED fire truck light bar from LED Outfitters will last for years!

Loud Sirens!
Looking to make some noise? You’ve come to the right place!
Give your fire truck that fire truck sound with our variety of sirens to work with your lights. Drivers often hear the sirens before they see the lights, so you need to make sure that they are the best and loudest that you can get.

You know the answer – LED Outfitters. We’ve selected only the best fire truck sirens made with the best quality of parts. If you have any questions about our products, we’re ready to help!
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What to look for when choosing Fire Fighter Lights.

When outfitting your emergency vehicle the desire is to have bright, easily seen lights. A good LED Light Bar can make all the difference. Compared to traditional Emergency Lights, LED Emergency Lights are brighter, consume less power, are more durable, and often much easier to install. The goal of any Emergency light is to catch the attention of other motorists, with a high power Light Bar, motorists will see you during any time of the day or night. Choosing the correct LED Light Bar can be a difficult task, but here at LED Outfitters, we make it easy. Regardless of if it’s a car, truck, or large emergency vehicle, we have the right Emergency LED Bar for your vehicle.
5 things to consider with Fire Truck LED Lights and Sirens.
With an estimated 90% of the sensory input for motorists coming from sight, bright lights are simply a must have item on any Emergency Vehicle. Flashing Emergency LED Bars are shown to be the most effective at getting the attention of a motorist. Hearing is considered a primary warning sense, the combination of Flashing Emergency Lights and a vehicle Siren is the best way to be noticed on the road. Having a Siren with multiple options for audio output is another important option to look at. Single color LED flashing lights are not the most effective signal, always go with a Dual Color LED Bar that way you have maximum visibility. Overall there are many options for outfitting you Fire Truck or Emergency Vehicle with LED Warning Lights. At LED Outfitters, we only have the very best.