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LED Work Lights & Scene Lighting
Looking for the perfect LED scene lighting? LED Outfitters carries powerful lights to illuminate any work environment. Browse our variety of affordable Carbine products to choose which option is best for you.

Types of Work Lights
We offer several different types of work and flood lights. If you have a large space, you might want to consider our powerful hybrid off road LED work lights. There are small lower watt lights as well as larger and more powerful lightbars..

Some situations require a simple single flood light and some require the use of multiple light bars. It is all about designing a solution that meets your needs.

Portable Lighting Solutions for Your Work Site
Portable work lights are a wise and versatile choice as they can be easily moved around a work site. You can choose several different kinds of portable work lights to ensure that you always have what you need in any circumstance or situation.

Scene Lighting with LEDs
It is important for emergency vehicles to be able to keep an area lit to maintain the safety of the scene and avoid any further accidents or injuries. These LED work lights are just the tool for that job!

Durable LED Work Lights for Your Vehicle
What you do is important and here at LED Outfitters, we use the latest technology to offer you high quality, durable, reliable products to ensure that your lights work when you need them most.

Would you like to learn more about scene lighting? Call us today! Our knowledgeable and helpful team is here to assist you in finding the right LED work lights for your vehicle.

Scene lighting is crucial to every Public Works service operating at night or low light areas. Using headlights clearly isn’t the answer: they don’t have the ability to light up large areas, use a lot of power, and are not portable. The answer is exemplified in our LED Work Lights, featuring a variety of styles and optics.

Utilizing high power LEDs, our LED Work Lights are available in a wide variety of wattage, output strength, optics, flood or spot output, and size. Regardless of style, all of our Work Lights are constructed from High Strength, yet lightweight aluminum, treated for anti-corrosion and rust resistance. These high powered lights can turn the darkest scene into a brightly lit area for operations.

Innovative and uniquely designed stamped aluminum heat sinks keep the light cool, and able to perform at peak conditions for hours on end. The LED technology utilized on these lights means your battery won’t suffer as much as it would with a halogen system, and gives you the ability to stay on scene for hours without worrying about draining your battery. Construction from the highest quality materials guarantees a lifetime of usage without any issues, and is covered under our hassle-free warranty.

We at LED Outfitters are dedicated to supplying our customers with products that are perfect for their needs and their vehicles. If you have a question about a product’s capabilities or features, please feel free to contact us. Our Customer Service representatives are standing by to assist you with your purchase.