DaMeGa Element Interior Lightbar

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Element Interior Lightbar

You asked for it, so we developed it. Using our most popular Element Light modules, this interior lightbar should be the last light needed for your response vehicle. Using genuine 3W LEDS, the light output of this unit is all you need to move traffic out of your way. Available in both solid and split colors the Element Interior bar should satisfy all end users. So small and sleek, it’s practically unnoticeable until turned on.

Each Interior bar includes 10 modules which contain four 3W leds in each module. Also included are universal mounting brackets for most vehicle types and models. In total there are 15 flash patterns, 3 traffic advisory patterns and an on/off cig plug. The unit can be hardwired as well to any user provided control box.


Voltage: 12VDC
Generation IV LED technology
Self contained 15 flash pattern flasher
4 3WTIR LEDs, 40 pcs total

Sleek design makes it unnoticeable until turned on



Length: 17.5"

Inner Width:4.25 "

Outer Width: 2”

Height 1.6”


DaMeGa Element Interior Lightbar
(6 reviews)
Good amount of flash pattern choices- not too much and not too few. Cig plug adapter is nice and the light itself feels quality and looks like it's worth its money.
I really like the slimness of this model, it looks awesome but also it sort of concentrates the light output to make it look even more bright!
The color (red/white) is easy to see even if its not dark and the light itself is bright
The housing feels very solid and is perfect for undercover work
I opted for a split color model and purchased the additional control box and I'm very happy with both choices. Looks good, super easy to use, and I don't worry about anything not functioning. Just great!
Great light, worth the investment. Unshakable and best design I've ever had the chance to use.