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Too many places to mount lights on? We are pleased to offer a complete line of LED Hideaways, a revolutionary product created specifically to render strobes obsolete. Thanks to our 10 Pack Bullet 8 LED Hideaway, an incredible value you won’t want to miss! Thanks to this amazing deal, the 10 Pack Bullet 8 LED Hideaway kit allows you to get creative with your lighting!

  • The Bullet LED Hideaway is designed to put out more light while reducing the AMP draw from your car battery when compared to the AMP draw of normal strobe lights.
  • Each unit has 8 3W LEDs a and an inline flasher with 19 different flash patterns to choose from.
  • Measuring just 1 inch in diameter, the Bullet is easy to fit in any light setup.
  • Additionally, this hideaway is available in both split and solid alternating flash patterns* and can be synced with up to 20 other units for a truly custom look.
  • These lights can be mounted in 1" hole anywhere and will be impossible to miss when turned on. 

Please note: We do not recommend placing split colored units on solid patterns as it will blur the colors together.
*Light heads will alternate by placing even number heads on the alternating pattern and placing the odd number heads on the previous pattern.


(6 reviews)
All the lights in my set work and work well, bright and clear and high vis color. Mounting installing and syncing were all mostly easy and firm
Not a bad set of flash patterns and made well, no complaints or problems
I'm so happy to have found this 10 pack, I like these lights a lot! Color and light are great and they don't take up too much space OR battery, which is important when you have 10 working at once. Great item!
I liked this set because you can just sync all the units with each other rather than trying to sync with mis-matching lights. They look great together, and it wasn't difficult to mount them at various points on the vehicle.
The green color I ordered for all my lights is perfect, very bright and visible in the daytime. I would definitely recommend this set to people looking for a good deal on high quality lights
Awesome bulk deal! I've placed these all over my vehicle and they have made a major difference in my visibility on the road.