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LED Outfitters is proud to release the new addition to the Enforcer Series, now available in Dual-Color mode. The 37" DUAL COLOR ENFORCER LIGHT BAR is one of our newest LED family members and carries powerful 3W or 5W. 

These innovative optics provide eye-catching light output from both the front and side angles of the lightbar.  This 37" DUAL COLOR ENFORCER LIGHT BAR Exclusively engineered with TIR optics will take you to a whole new level with our game-changing multi-color technology.


  • This brilliant lightbar uses our innovative optics to shine resilient light from both the front and side angles.
  • All color combinations are available.
  • It features our innovative multi-color technology and is engineered with our exclusive TIR optics.
  • The over 20 flash patterns make this 37-inch Enforcer Lightbar the most advanced emergency light bar in the industry.
  • The light bars feature Takedown and Alley lights, built in traffic adviser, multi-color capabilities, unobstructed 360-degree lighting, and an industrial, sleek design.
  • The light bar feet are fully adjustable and can fit nearly any roof style with universal mounting brackets which are included.
  • The fully adjustable feet can fit nearly any roof style and universal mounting brackets are included.
  • Dimensions: Length 37” x Width: 11.5’ x Height: 1.8”



(10 reviews)
This design is so much more efficient than more traditional models, I would never go back. Unbelievable light and color and very easy to use.
I like everything about this light, I couldn't recommend it enough! The optics are incredible, the colors are extra vibrant, and for the size of the actual unit you couldn't get much brighter than the 5W lights (p.s. get them you'll be thankful you did). Really nice choices in control boxes too. Two thumbs up!!
Tough and reliable, 5 star product hands down
The multi-color capabilities of this small light are really incredible! I'm really enjoying the red/blue to amber option I bought! Mounting was so simple, and that's always a plus.Very satisfied!
I like the low profile style of this light, it really makes it stand out from other smaller-sized lightbars. The lights themselves are great and are just what I was looking for
Overall great light. I like the smart switch control box a lot. No surprises, just a good product.
I chose this light bar for the TIR optics and upgraded to the 5W intensity and am very glad I did! They outshine the competition in every way!
the bulbs are strong and really crisp. easy to see all around, would recommend.
The 5W lights are unreal! So bright, so clear. They make the color really stand out (I got the amber)
Really loving the sleek design on this bar, especially on the top. Great product.