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DaMeGa engineering is changing the game, rethinking the Saber Series line of lightbars and changing the emergency lighting industry forever. We now carry the Saber Series Version 2.0, which uses significantly better optics than its predecessor. DaMeGa engineering is proud to present the redesigned 37” Saber TIR Lightbar 2.0. With its cutting-edge technology and engineering, the Saber TIR 2.0 Lightbar is sure to be a game changer in emergency lighting. 


  • The redesigned 55” Saber TIR Lightbar 2.0. Generation 3 LEDs (104 total) and TIR Optics make this lightbar more brilliant than past models.
  • This lightbar also features a dual-layered aluminum housing and a fully sealed and weatherproofed flasher, guaranteeing that your light will be bright and clear in all conditions.
  • The Saber 2.0 is programmed with 15 user-selectable flash patterns, 14 primary warning modules, and safety features that get the job done.
  • This lightbar comes with a 10-foot wire harness, universal mounting brackets for easy installation, and can also be hardwired to your existing switch box.
  • With its cutting-edge technology and engineering, the Saber TIR 2.0 Lightbar is sure to be a game changer in emergency lighting.
  • This light is fully encased and includes an epoxy-covered flasher, making it waterproof and reliable in even the worst weather conditions.
  • This lightbar contains takedown and alley lights, a built-in traffic advisor, multi-color capabilities, clear 360-degree lighting, and an industrial, sleek design.
    Arrow stick directions: left, right, center out
  • Powered by 12 V
  • SAE rated
  • Dimensions: Length: 55” x Width: 11.5’ x Height: 1.8”
  • 5-year warranty



(9 reviews)
Light is visible from v. far away even in bright daylight. With the siren it's impossible to miss. The 55" length is perfect.
I ordered the red color with the extra intense lights and a control box with siren. I like how easy it was to customize my order, I like it alot
I ordered my light bar with the extra intense lights and it made a huge difference! You really see it when you look at another light side by side, they're just not the same. Very happy!
Pretty happy, everything works good.
lightweight and powerful, barely feel it now that it's on the truck and barely see it off.
This light has so many amazing features, I rely on this light everyday now! The blue and white colors are super clear. Plus, the size/cost ratio is more than worth it, even if you add on extra stuff.
Easiest mounting system I've ever used. Lights are pretty bright, and the design is perfect. Great find.
I'm happy with my purchase- everything works as described. Thank you!
Great, big light bar