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Security Seals


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Not all customers have the same lighting requirements, and we at LED Outfitters strive to meet each and every customer’s needs. That is why we offer, in addition to our full lightbar lineup, a full Mini Lightbar selection. These are not just miniature lightbars; the Mini Lightbars contain different flashers, upgraded mounting options, easy-to-install wiring harnesses.

Utilizing high powered LEDs in a module-based format, each mini bar is designed to provide overpowering warning power in a complete 360 degree pattern. With selectable TIR or Linear optics, each mini bar is designed to produce and disperse high intensity warning light without leaving uncovered angles.

The LED Outfitters Mini Lightbars all feature innovative magnet mounting, designed to keep mounting quick and simple. Each Mini Lightbar utilizes 4 x 45 lbs. magnets, which are removable to allow for permanent mounting. This setup gives workers the option of removing the bar when they leave their jurisdiction, or leave their workplace. Thanks to the easily wired harness, the lightbar is easily transferred between vehicles for added portability.

With the mini bar’s internal flasher, pattern selection is literally just a push of a button and users can select from over 25 different flash patterns. From simple wig-wag patterns to traffic advisory, the onboard flasher is designed to put you in control.

We welcome any questions or comments you may have about these, or any of our products. Our team of dedicated and experienced Customer Service representatives is standing by to assist you with questions, comments, or purchases.  

Is Miniature better? Why use Mini Light Bars.

Not all vehicles are the same, some lack room for traditional LED Light Bars. Our product line of Modular Mini Light Bars are here to ensure that you have all the light you will need. Our product features multiple Strobe Light patterns, internal flasher for push button Strobe selection, easy to install wiring harnesses, and upgraded Mounting Bracket Features. Our Mini Light Bars come with standard magnetic mounting, which is removable, allowing for permanent mounting. The best part of Mini Light Bars, is the speed at which they go from box to deployment in the field. When you activate these LEDs, you will be sure to grab the attention of anyone on the road. These are ideal for First responder units, Utility Vehicles, Police Units, and Volunteer Fire Fighting Vehicles.


Mini Light Bars

Our Mini Light Bars offer a smaller, more affordable, and easy-to-install alternative to our full-size light bars. Small but mighty, each Mini Light Bar is loaded with bright LEDs which makes them an effective and powerful warning light solution.

Here at LED Outfitters, we are proud of our wide variety of light bars to fit any and all of your individual needs. Whether you are outfitting emergency vehicles, industrial vehicles, tow trucks, or any other type of public safety vehicles, we are sure to have a light bar that is the perfect tool for you.

Why are LED Lights Good for Light Bars?
LED lights are durable, bright, and versatile; making them the perfect solution for any vehicle lighting problem. If you are looking to minimize power usage but maximize lighting and visibility, LED lights are definitely the way to go.

Our LED light bars come in a vast array of shapes and sizes. Mini light bars are beneficial for non-permanent roof-top installation. They are also a great option if you need a more affordable and compact 360-degree-application than our full sized light bars.

Customize Your Lights and Output
Mini light bars are quick and easy to install on any vehicle. At LED Outfitters, all of our lights can be fully synchronized, which gives you the ability to have your lights work together to maximize their functionality.

Have questions about our technology? Need help choosing the right light bar for you? Contact a member of our knowledgeable and experienced team at LED Outfitters and we will gladly assist you with anything you need.