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LED Off Road Light Bars
Whether you are outfitting a work truck or creating a custom look for your personal off road vehicle, LED Outfitters is sure to carry the LED Off Road Light Bar for you. Browse our page to find which Carbine product is right for your vehicle.

Recreational Off Road Light Bars
These off road light bars are often used on trucks, jeeps, four-wheelers, and many other recreational vehicles. We offer a variety of different sizes and features to help you get exactly what you need.

Not having sufficient lighting in off road situations can be dangerous. These off road lights are designed to help light the road to make sure you driving with peak visibility.

LED off road lights are also extremely helpful in emergency situations; making sure that you are prepared for all scenarios.

Choosing the Right Installation of Off Road LED Lights

These off road lights can be mounted on the grille, the roof, or even the sides of the vehicle, if needed, so be sure to consider the size and shape of your truck when choosing your lights.

As you consider the size and location of the LED off road lights, also consider the way that these lights will be used. The correct installation can make all the difference and will ensure our products are working to the best of their ability.

High Quality Off Road LED Light Bars

At LED Outfitters, it is important to us to provide you with a vast selection of affordable, high quality LED work lights and off road lighting products to match your specific needs.

Help us help you! Contact us and a LED Outfitters customer service team member will help you choose which LED light bar solution is the correct one for you. Discuss the size, optics, and other features with us and we will help find you everything you need.

Light Up the Off Road with LED Light bars
Looking to outfit your emergency or personal vehicle? We have everything you need for your off road experience. From camping to mudding to rescue missions, you’ll find the best LED light bars to fit your needs right here at LED Outfitters.

Recreational Light Bars
Do you have a truck, four-wheeler, or other vehicle that needs lighting options? Don’t get caught without enough light! When you’ve rolled off of the beaten path, you need to be prepared with the best lighting available.

This is why we have built a selection of powerful off road light bars waiting for you to take your pick. Whether you’re out for fun camping, fishing, or exploring, keep yourself and others safe with the highest quality in off road light bars available.

Browse through our selection now! 

The Right LED Lights for You

We have LED light bars for all shapes and sizes of vehicles. Whether you’re dash mounting, grille mounting, or roof mounting, we’ve got you covered.

Finding the products to fit your vehicle can be a process, and we’ve done most of the work for you. We can help you choose the right sizes to fit with your vehicle for the ultimate quality and usability.
Off Road In Style
You deserve the best and we offer the best.

Here at LED Outfitters, you’ll find team of experts that knows how to have a great time or to run to help when duty calls.

We’ve selected the best off road led light bar options for your recreation or emergency vehicle and we’re ready to help you outfit your vehicle to match your needs.
Browse our selection or reach out to us directly.

We’re ready when you are!


Why External Emergency LED Light Bars?

When it comes to needing a high output light bars, nothing beats an LED bar. From the robust design, to the reduced power draw when compared to traditional light rigs. No traditional light will beat the long lasting power of an LED. Our products range from the 30” Razor Light Bar, up to the massive 55” Enforcer Light Bar. With Multiple selection strobe patterns in every model, you will be seen in some of the most adverse conditions your emergency vehicles or first responder units may encounter. When it comes to off duty time, the low profile of our product lines will draw much less attention than traditional light bars. No matter if the warning lights are for a truck, car, or other emergency vehicles, the design may change while the goal remains the same: to provide maximum visibility and warning ability. With our products, you will easily achieve both of these goals.


Off-Road Dangers at Night. Why Flood and Off-Road Light Bars are a Must!

When it comes to off-roading, night time can be especially hazardous. When it comes to selecting Off-Road Light Bars or LED Flood Lights for your personal vehicle, quality is much more important than quantity. Our line of LED Flood Lights, and Off-Road LED Bars are just what you need. When navigating difficult terrain, following an off road trail, you need the very best in lighting to make your journey safe and fulfilling. During night time trail blazing, having the right Flood Light or LED Bar can not only increase your field of vision, it can illuminate hazards you would otherwise miss. This can save you from both potential injury and damage to your personal vehicle. Why risk your Off-Road vehicle, when the addition of a simple to install LED Bar can be the difference between an amazing trip, or having to call a tow truck.