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About The Vulture L2 Dash/Deck light

The Vulture L2 Dash/Deck light is deceivingly small for its outstanding light output. Using next generation TIR LED technology, the Vulture L2 is sure to turn heads. This light has its own built-in flasher and comes pre-set with 15 flash patterns.  The Vulture comes standard with a 10-foot cord and On/Off switch cigarette plug, as well as as a pattern changing button, removable flashback shield, and suction cups for simple mounting. Perfect for wherever high intensity lighting is required, this light is ready for use as soon as you take it out of its box. Powerful, compact, and efficient, the Vulture L2 is made to move traffic both day and night.


  • Voltage: 12VDC
  • Features next Gen TIR LED technology
  • 8 LEDs in every module (16 LEDs total)
  • 15 user selectable flash patterns
  • Self contained internal flasher
  • Low profile aluminum housing, sleek design
  • Push button for pattern selection
  • Removable flashback shield
  • Interior use only
  • Includes 10’ cord and cigarette plug on/off switch
  • Suction cup mounting
  • Dimensions: Length: 8” x Width: 6” x Height: 2”


Vulture L2 Closeout
(6 reviews)
I like the selection of flash patterns in this light, they all look good in the green color I chose. The mounting is solid and the extra length in the cig plug is helpful, which I like too. Overall this is well made and works good
I'm pretty happy with this light so far. It is easy to learn to use and you don't really worry about it until you need it because of the size. Works great, no problems
The fabrication is high end, from the housing to the actual LEDs. The light is easy to operate and wasn't difficult to install at all. 5/5, great piece of equipment that anyone in public safety can use!
Great visibility range. I would recommend this for any undercover work, the style and housing are minimal and not distracting even on the dash. Great ease of use too
The plain white light I selected is blinding, it's that bright. The mounting is sturdy and everything is fine
Slim but definitely a mid-size light if you just look at the length. Works very well and the flash is punchy