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Emergency vehicles need to be seen, but they also need to be heard. LED Outfitters offers several brands, including DaMeGa Engineering. The Intel Siren by DaMeGa Engineering is an all-in-one control box and siren that is sure to be a game changer in its field! Convenient, reliable, and always powerful, the DaMeGa Intel Siren is impossible to ignore.


  • This state of the art unit boasts 100 Watts of power that can be upgraded to dual tone 200-Watts for a more intense sound experience.
  • However, because this siren includes of the smallest and best-built amplifiers on the market, it is easy to fit in even the most cramped spaces.
  • This unit comes with 11 control buttons and 5 siren tones, as well as 2 momentary buttons to control multiple lights with multiple flash patterns.
  • The Intel Siren comes with 3 button memory switches which allow the user to perform up to three settings at separate times.
  • Each of the Intel Siren’s 9 outputs is externally and individually fused, protecting it from power surges and allowing for quick on-scene servicing if needed.
  • Wire blocks are standard for mounting, making installation easy and painless.
  • Built with standard tones such as Wail, Yelp, Phaser and Air Horn, and many even feature a Public Address (PA) system built into the siren.
  • Designed with U-shaped aluminum black finish bracket for mounting.


  • 2-year warranty coverage
  • Input volt: 12VDC
  • 100W siren, upgradable to 200W
  • All-in-one control panel
  • 9 pre-fused switches
  • Connects by serial port with 15 feet of Rj-45 cable included
  • 20 push feel buttons, color-coded LED backlight
  • Built-in MicroChip processor
  • Includes more than 135 stickers
  • Keypad Dimensions: Length: 6” x Width: 3” x Height: .75”
  • Amplifier Dimensions: Length: 7.5” x Width: 5.75” x Height: 2.25” 


(6 reviews)
Great. Just great!
Mounting and installing was quick-ish and not too bad to deal with. I ordered my siren with extra add-ons and I like what they do for my siren in terms of making it work better for me. I would recommend this to a friend or co-worker.
Arrived quickly. Sound output is good. Nice details, works well overall
What I like the most about this siren kit is that even though it comes with all this stuff and has a lot of features, it's not too complicated or hard to get used to. Everything is designed to be natural to reach for. The siren is nice and loud, perfect for the tones!
This feels very high end and definitely lives up to its brand name. The tones and features are all what I was looking for and work great. Installing the equipment in the vehicle was pretty straight forward too
Makes multitasking on the job easy and safe