DaMeGa Ultimate Basic Siren

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About The DaMeGa Ultimate Basic Siren

The DaMeGa Ultimate Basic Siren was created to provide powerful, easy-to-use sound output every time you use it. This small, compact siren packs 100W of powerful sound output that you can count on to always be crisp and clear. It also offers the standard siren tones as well as the new DaMeGa mechanical tone for complete coverage for any emergency situation. The mechanical tone is unique thanks to its deep and gusty notes, allowing you to sound just like a fire truck as you clear traffic. Featuring an output indicator on the face for diagnostic purposes, this small siren is easy-to-use and ideal for situations when you want it out of the way. The Ultimate Basic Siren offers the same reliable performance, ruggedness, durability, and consistently high quality of all other DaMeGa sirens, but in an uncomplicated and pragmatic package. Efficiently and thoughtfully designed, the engineers at DaMeGa are proud to be able to put the power of the Ultimate Basic Siren in your hands.


  • Power: 100W
  • Push button controls
  • Standard siren tones as well as DaMeGa’s signature mechanical tone
  • 2 Year Warranty


DaMeGa Ultimate Basic Siren
(5 reviews)
It is very compact, the tones are all perfect, and i use this every day and it still is working great, so I would recommend it
I like that this is the bare bones for a siren but still comes with its own unique thing. The size and design are great, and the added ultimate speaker makes a clear difference!
Tiny and powerful! The signature tone is also nice and unique, I use it often.
not much to say about this, it works well and is just what I expected and needed
Simple and easy to use and connect to the speaker. Tones are all great