DaMeGa Ultimate Siren

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About The DaMeGa Ultimate Siren

The Ultimate Siren by DaMeGa Engineering is one of the most efficient, rugged, reliable, and functional 100/200-watt sirens on the market! This siren features a keypad for selecting siren tones as well as 7 positive switching buttons. This unit also comes with a momentary switch for pattern selection and a noise cancelling PA microphone for crystal clear sound output. Other impressive features include LED backlighting and 3 programmable memory buttons for quick, convenient access to your go-to settings. The Ultimate Siren is self-contained so small that you will barely notice it’s there until you need it. Quick to install and easily customizable, the Ultimate Siren is turning heads for all the right reasons. This siren is backed by a 2-year no hassle limited warranty.


  • 2-year limited warranty coverage
  • Input volt: 12VDC
  • Features integrated 100W siren, upgradable to 200W
  • All-in-one control panel
  • Connects by serial port
  • 19 push feel buttons, color-coded LED backlight
  • Built-in MicroChip processor
  • 10 switches rated at 10 amps
  • 10 feet of Rj-45 cable included
  • 3 programmable memory buttons
  • Kit includes more than 140 stickers
  • Utilizes 4" of console mounting space
  • Siren tones: Wail, Yelp, Phaser, Horn, PA
  • U-shaped aluminum black finish bracket for mounting
  • Includes 10 ft of microphone extension cable


DaMeGa Ultimate Siren
(6 reviews)
Added a speaker and the extra siren and everything is perfect, v. loud
Integrating this into my set up has been a breeze, it connected to all of my existing equipment easily and without a hassle. The memory buttons are very handy, and the tones are obviously great. Really high quality piece of tech, very happy!
I haven't had any problems or gripes with this set since I Got it. Installation and mounting was easy, and this unit takes up the least amount of space possible on my dash which I like a lot. The tones and sounds and mic quality are all very good and noisy. This is a great product, I'm liking it!
Very easy to use- the back lighting makes everything very clear and easy to read
I upgraded the extra siren and am very happy with it! It really boosts the sound power. The functions and features of the siren are great as well
This set has everything you need in it and works very well, very 1 stop shop