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Tow Truck Light Bars

When you’re heading out to pick up a vehicle, you’re never sure what the traffic situation will be. If you have to do the job at night, this could be more of concern, especially on the side of a busy highway. Knowing that you have powerful and dependable LED light bars will give you some peace of mind for the job ahead.

LED Outfitters offer a wide selection of high quality tow truck light bars. Our sleek tow truck light bars come in 48, 55, or 60 inch sizes. Choose from our variety of Saber or Enforcer lights, and choose a linear or dual option. You can even choose a solid or flashing pattern. All of our products are 100% guaranteed, so you will not be disappointed with your choice.

Tow Truck Light Bars - Is an LED Light Bar Upgrade Right for You?

LED lighting is one of the most popular solutions among towing services and public safety teams. Our user-friendly tow truck lights offer durability, compatibility, and affordability. When heading off in your tow truck to retrieve a stranded or disabled vehicle, you will never be sure of the weather or the traffic at the scene. Without the proper illumination an already challenging task can become exponentially more hazardous. Knowing you have a powerful LED light bar to signal drivers will provide the peace of mind and visibility you need while working.

We here are LED Outfitters are proud to serve all first responder units, emergency response units, and utility vehicles. With that in mind, our line of tow truck light bars are the high-quality lighting upgrade you have been waiting for. Our LED Truck Light Bars add rear work lights and stop/tail/turn functionality to our already popular full light bars. Featuring built-in amber arrow sticks and powerful Optic Technology, our Tow Truck Light Bars are the best and most affordable the industry has to offer.

Finding the Right Tow Truck Light Bar

LED Outfitters offers a wide selection of quality vehicle light bars from which to choose. While browsing, you will notice that we provide the specs for each lighting series to help you easily find the features to best suit your needs.

For example, our Tow Series is popular because it is easy to use and is very budget-friendly. Some prefer the Linear Series LED Light Bars because they want a solution with more LEDs and greater illumination to better catch the attention of drivers. Going one step further, our TIR Series LED Tow Light Bars produce a powerful flash because of the intense optic over each LED light. We provide options so that you can make an informed and affordable choice without sacrificing quality for your tow truck. Need help deciding on your tow truck light bar? Contact one of our lighting experts today.

Quality Tow Vehicle Light Bars

The modern LED tow truck light bar has many advantages. These lights use less energy, give off more light, and have a longer lifespan than lights with older technology. Choosing the right LED light bar for your tow truck is making the dependable, affordable, and long-lasting choice.

At LED Outfitters, we understand the importance of providing you with dependable lights for your tow truck and your satisfaction is our goal. If you have any questions as you browse our extensive selection, our experienced staff is happy to help you find the best tow truck light bar to meet your unique needs.

We are also proud to be one of the leading providers of light bars for emergency response and construction vehicles. We recognize how important it is to have reliable, durable light solutions for these types of vehicles and the towing industry is no exception. Shop with confidence to find the products and features you need to outfit your vehicle.