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Gone are the days of removing an entire light, just to replace a single faulty or outdated module. These high-powered LED modules are designed to be easily upgraded or exchanged, making the traffic advisor lightsticks easily field serviced. The Rocket-X 6 Head 6TIR Series warning light will blindside the competition with its unparalleled light output and efficient build. If you are looking for a reliably bright, sturdy, and longlasting warning light, the Rocket-X 6 Head 6TIR Series light was designed just for you. With a completely modular design, the Rocket-X series is the obvious choice for any fleet or private-owned vehicle. 


  • The Rocket-X 6 Head 6TIR Series warning light will blindside the competition with its unparalleled light output and efficient build.
  • This light is powered by Generation III TIR technology and contains 4 LEDs per head, with stunning results.
  • Its low-profile design intensifies this effect, while its 30 brilliant built-in flash patterns ensure that this unit does not require any external flashers to shine brightly.
  • The Rocket-X features cutting-edge plug-and-play technology, which allows the user to easily customize and repair their light by changing, moving, or removing modules as they wish, making this light an incredible value.
  • Every unit comes standard with 2” brackets, suction cups, an on/off cigarette plug and sync wire for simple synchronization with other Rocket-X units.
  • 100% waterproof and resistant to vibration, moisture, and corrosion damage, the Rocket-X is built for heavy-duty use and can be used for both interior and exterior work.


  • Voltage: 12VDC
  • SAE rated
  • Current draw: 0.35 amps per head @12VDC
  • Waterproof, vibration and corrosion resistant
  • Internal reflector
  • Dimensions: Length: 40.20" x Width: 2.5" x Height: 1.0”
  • 5-year warranty included


(6 reviews)
this light is a good size is like a spotlight its so bright. easy to install and comes with a good mounting set, you don't need anything extra for reinforcement
I love this! I've already messed with the plug and play feature a little and it makes it very easy to customize your color pattern to something only you can have. I use this everyday now and would absolutely buy again!
I synced mine with some other lights I already had and it was mostly easy to understand, and they all look great working together now and it makes operating a lot less messy. This light is extremely bright, especially in the red. Great product!
good choices of flash patterns and its easy to switch them or turn them on or off
The TIR lights are very good. The bar is large but I don't notice it that much. It is also very easy to use because of the cig plug switch.
Great power, it's amazing how much a couple extra bulbs can do to make you more visible! I like this model a lot so thanks!