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LED Technology Advancements from LightFair 2016

Saturday, July 16, 2016
Robert Johnson

LED Technology Moves Beyond Lighting

Recently, pioneers in the field of LED technology and lighting came together to discuss industry trends, LED developments and advancements, and how LEDs are changing the way our lives function on a daily basis. These industry professionals came up with a few major points on how LEDs have changed in recent months and years, and will continue to evolve in the near future.

In the past, replacing traditional fluorescent lightbulbs with energy-saving, innovative, and long-lasting LED technology was a major selling point for homeowners and businesses to save money maintaining their homes. Now, the capabilities of LED technology are widely varied.

The benefits of using LEDs to save energy won’t be going anywhere any time soon – however, the benefits are rapidly increasing. Of course, LED lighting products use less energy, but it also uses less of your time when it comes to installation, maintenance and repairs of the lighting fixtures at home or at your office. Time is just as valuable as money for so many of us, so this is just another benefit of the long-lasting light supply provided by LEDs.

Industry experts in LED technology use the term “circadian rhythm” when they refer to the manner in which LED lighting creates a more comfortable environment and calming ambiance – especially in hospitals, extended care centers for seniors, and other assisted living facilities.

LED Technology Enters the World of Wireless

Rowan Larson, VP of CREE, a leading LED lighting company who recently assisted in the design of LEDs that create this type of relaxed atmosphere, described the rise of LED technology like this: LED technology aims to design not just light, but light that works for you. Today, LED experts are not focused on simply designing a “better” version of the traditional lightbulb. Innovators in the field consider various factors like hue and heat emitted when they designed a new type of LED.

Additionally, advancements in LED tech have made their way into the wireless niche, too. Several speakers at LightFair 2016 referred to the fact that LEDs are now one of the major key mechanisms for IoT in commercial properties.

LED technology has been implemented in homes and offices all over the world for the flexibility they provide when it comes less energy and time spent on maintenance, the comfort of less heat being emitted from the bulbs, and for the variety of unique colored light filter options. How will you make innovative LED technology work for you?