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Why Do We Need Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) On Our Cars

Monday, April 17, 2017
Mark C
Daytime Running Light

The short answer to why you need daytime running lights (DRLs) is so other people can see you! That may sound odd considering we’re talking about lights that run during daylight hours; however, studies have demonstrated a decrease in motor vehicle collisions with the relatively new introduction of DRLs. DRLs are installed in pairs on the front area of a car emitting a yellow, amber or white light.


DRLs use less energy than headlights to enhance visibility

The solution for daytime visibility was once to turn your headlights on. Car manufacturers have recently added DRLs on newer models of vehicles which are designed to turn on automatically when you start the engine. DRLs consume less energy to provide enough light to meet the safety requirement of daytime driving. Advanced LED DRLs come with an extended lifespan of 15000 hours or more translating to fewer instances of changing bulbs.


The greatest advantage of DRLs

Aside from making you more visible to other motorists, other people on the road on bikes or on foot have a better chance of seeing you coming when using DRLs. Reaction time increases which can be a key factor in avoiding collisions. Several countries consider the use of DRLs critical to road safety.


DRLs add unique aesthetics to the style of any vehicle

Functionality aside, LED DRLs may enhance the sleek aesthetic of your car. These days you have a wide variety of options to customize the form of your light display. DRL kits are available for vehicles not originally manufactured with this feature.


Advanced DRLs are automated for your safety

In certain conditions, the extra brightness of DRLs may obscure what you see or how others see your vehicle. Advanced DRLs are designed to extinguish automatically when the headlights illuminate. Some car manufacturers blend DRLs with the side lights or front position lamps triggering the DRLs to simply dim when the headlights are on. DRLs affixed near the indicator lights are generally deigned to extinguish when signal lights are in use to avoid blurring the signal.


Can I install my own DRLs?

It is not advised for inexperienced people to perform DRL installations with a DIY video. The process is more complicated than installing headlights. An experienced mechanic or electrician can ensure the proper installation of your DRLs and verify compatibility with the electric system of your specific car model.


Should I be concerned about fuel consumption?

While your fuel consumption will increase with the use of DRLs, using LED lighting will keep those costs low. LED lamps use a fraction of the electricity required for standard headlights. LED DRLs are the most preferred option among car rental services and in other countries where DRLs are legally required.


The bottom line on DRL use

Fuel consumption balances out when you use DRLs rather than headlights during the day. Headlights consume approximately 110 watts of power while LED DRLs will only consume about 10 watts. Considering modern roads where we share space with more and more people every day, LED DRLs can make a huge impact on everyone’s safety while saving us money and giving our cars a smart, sleek appearance.



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