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LED Outfitters offers a wide array of high quality LED LIGHTBARS. Regarded as experts on LED lighting setups, you can be sure that our products will meet your needs. 

Our LED light bars range from full size to mini in length. Our top of the line light bars utilizes a module-based format so that the light shines bright and long distance.  With these light bars, you’ll be sure to produce highly dispersed light so you don’t miss any angles.

With TIR and Linear optics options, our lights will increase visibility for you and for others. Our light bars are easy to install and come with multiple colors and flash patterns. 

LED Outfitters is proud to offer the best in LED light bars.


If you are ready to commit to a full-size lightbar just yet, we understand. That’s why we offer MINI LIGHTBARS that pack the same powerful light as their larger counterparts. We have a wide variety of options to suit every customer’s needs.

Each mini light bar is designed with warning power in mind. Equipped with a module based format, these small lightbars provide light i360-degree60 degree pattern.  Not only did we cover the full radius around you with these warning lights, but we also made sure that you will never miss an angle.  With the option to select TIR or Linear Optics, you can be sure you’ll always be seen.

Our mini lightbars are extremely versatile. With the option to different flashers and mounting options, these lights can accommodate most customer’s needs. Mini lightbars offer 25 different flash patterns that can be selected easily with the push of a button.  Mounted with magnets and easily removable, these little but durable lightbars make them an easy solution for those who need to quickly place the light and head out to an emergency.


OFF ROAD LIGHTBARS are perfect for Jeeps, Trucks, and 4 wheelers these durable lights have to hold up to any challenge.  They are made to withstand the toughest of conditions. Comprised of durable housing that is completely waterproof, you’re also protecting the lamp inside.

These lights produce a reliable source of bright next-generation LED LIGHTS. With these sleek and energy efficient lights you can shine a light on any dimly lit area, helping keep you safe while off-roading.


Tow trucks rely on dependable flashing lights to keep themselves and others safe. The need for Tow Trucks doesn’t stop when it’s raining or dark, so lights that are sure to get the job done every time are a must. LED Outfitters boasts a wide variety of sizes in our sleek TOW TRUCK LIGHTBARS

Our tow truck light bars feature built-in amber arrow sticks and powerful Optic Technology, with those and our 100% Money Back Guarantee, you can’t go wrong with an LED Outfitters Tow Truck Light Bar.

We have a wide variety of different options.  You can choose between 48, 55, or 60 inches in length.  You can even choose between a linear or dual set up.  After deciding the makeup of your light, you can move on to choosing which kind of lights you want, solid or flashing.

Never worry about signaling to others on the road to be aware again with Tow Truck light bars from LED Outfitters. 


Many first responders and other operators like to remain innocuous when going down the road. Often part of their job is to remain unseen until they want to make those around them aware of their presence. It’s difficult to find a lightbar that fits the bill.  Many are too bulky and the appropriately sized bars don’t produce enough light. 

LED Outfitters undercover light bars are equipped with high-intensity LEDs. These lightbars are designed to fit inside almost every vehicle.  They come in many different styles and build types to suit your vehicle. Easily mounted and durable, our UNDERCOVER LIGHTBARS will give you the warning power and stealth you need.


One of the most widely-used LED lights, our LED DASH/DECK LIGHT contains single head and dual head style dash lights, These lights also boast a variety of LED output power and mounting options.  This product line has a large range of price points so it will fit into any budget.

Dash lights from LED Outfitters feature an onboard, flasher module that is self-contained. This gives the user full control over the light and its features.  Our Dash/Desk lights meet SAE standards were designed to fit into many different types of vehicles. 

Check out our variety of reliable LED dash lights to find the option right for you.


It’s been industry standard for a long time to install a strobe lighting system when a discreet but powerful option was needed.  With routine failure at the forefront of most strobe system, a better warning light solution was clearly needed.

At LED Outfitters we offer a new product designed to revolutionize the strobe lighting system. Our line LED Hideaways are comprised of high powered LED elements and feature a variety of models and sizes. They come fully equipped with several innovations like inline flashers, heatsink designs, and rounded lenses. 

Our LED strobe hideaway lights are a perfect solution for your lighting system. Often used to cover dark spots, these lights are powerful and durable.


We offer a great selection of LED GRILLE LIGHTS AND SURFACE MOUNTS for your personal vehicle or emergency vehicle fleet. Whether it be the slim Sleek series or the compact Stealth series, we offer the ultimate in flexibility and customization. 

Our surface mounted lights are built to last.  They offer a variety of options and choices.  Some product lines are available in TIR and Linear optics.  Equipped with an onboard flasher, you can switch through 20 different flash patterns by just pushing a button.

LED Outfitters stocks lightsticks that allow for easy mounting and also a product line that is completely waterproof.  Designed with every vehicle in mind, these lights will always keep you seen.