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Wireless LED Lighting Revamps Live Music

Wednesday, June 8, 2016
Robert Johnson

Wireless LEDs Shine at 2016 Billboard Awards

This year, wireless LED technology played a major role in the lighting design at the Billboard Music Awards. Held recently in Las Vegas at the end of May, LED technology helped magnify performances for various artists. Stevie Wonder, Madonna, Meghan Trainor and many more artists lit up the stage with the assistance of high-tech LED lighting while the audience joined in with LED wristbands that were designed to sync with the artists’ performances.

This high-tech wireless LED technology allowed these artists to perform a dynamic set in honor of Prince, complete with audience engagement via the synced light-up wristbands. The innovators behind this wireless LED technology, Glow Motion Technologies, are the pioneers behind a variety of LED light-powered functions that have found their place primarily in the entertainment world. Live performances are supercharged by the wireless LED lighting, and artists such as Ariana Grande, 21 Pilots and many more trending musicians have recognized the power and allure of using LEDs to light up their live shows. Coming up next for this unique wireless LED creation is Keith Urban’s summer tour, where this technology will be utilized in every show.

By illuminating the stage with Glow Motion’s wireless LED lighting, both artists and their audience can take advantage of the incredible advances in technology and create a performance they can remember. In addition to creating an incredible live show, this wireless LED technology also documents the artist’s set for fans to listen to later on. By pursuing the entertainment industry, these LED pioneers are changing the way fans and musicians experience live music.