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Getting the Most Out of a Siren

No emergency vehicle is complete with audible warning equipment. We at LED Outfitters are committed to bringing you the best sirens on the market, and we stand by our products’ ability to get traffic moving out of your way. Our siren units are backed by a hassle-free warranty process -- if it breaks, it’s replaced or repaired at absolutely no cost to you.

Each siren, regardless of model, is designed to produce loud, effective traffic-moving tones to get first responders to the scene as quickly and safely as possible. The internal parts of the siren are constructed from high-quality materials that are guaranteed to keep working through all types of harsh conditions. Our sirens feature industry-standard tones such as Wail, Yelp, Phaser and Air Horn, and many even feature a Public Address (PA) system built into the siren.

Our sirens come in a variety of styles including dashboard mount, remote mount, or handheld units, and offer a variety of control options such as knob or button. Many units also feature an Accessory Control feature, giving the user the ability to control lights or accessories via switches built into the siren, without having to buy a separate switch panel.

We offer several brands, including DaMeGa Engineering and our own branded LED Outfitters siren units. If you have a unit in mind and don’t see it, feel free to contact us; we will be more than happy to get it for you or point you in the right direction.

Sirens and Speaker Systems: An Essential Part of an Emergency Vehicle

Emergency vehicles need to be seen, but they also need to be heard. A proper Siren and Speaker System can be a key factor in alerting motorists to your presence. When traveling to the scene of an emergency, our sirens are designed to produce loud traffic moving tones. Our Sirens and Speaker Systems come with the ability to be mounted on dashboards, remote mounted, or in handheld models, all of which use industry-standard tones. Even if you have LED Light Bars on your emergency vehicle, you will still want to have the very best in sirens and speakers. Using the two systems together can be a critical factor for letting vehicles on the road know that you mean business.

Have a question about a siren or its features? Feel free to contact us at LED Outfitters. Our dedicated staff of Customer Service representatives is eager to assist you in finding the perfect products for your vehicle.