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Police have to dash around into unexpected places every day. They put themselves at risk to keep us safe, so we need to do what we can to help them to be safe.

With a large variety of lights, light bars, sirens, and speakers, we do our part at LED Outfitters to provide them with the best products in the industry.

Bright Police Light Bars

From bright white LED light bars to multi-color dash mounts, we keep our selection up to date with only the latest models available.

Whether for a marked police car or an unmarked vehicle, our powerful and durable grille lights, dash lights, or rooftop light bars do their duty while police are on a mission.

Sometimes police have to drive into dark and frightening places. Other times, they work to keep drivers safe by warning of unsafe road conditions or an accident ahead.

Whatever the situation, LED Outfitters can get you ready.

Loud Police Sirens and Speakers

There’s no need to honk your horn when you have dependable and powerful police sirens.

Our sirens and light bars work together to create a powerful combination to assist you in any emergency. Alert speeders or suspects of your presence over the loud speaker. With a handy

switch box, you can turn on your lights and sirens together individually.

If you have any questions about police lights, sirens, or speakers, we have answers.

Contact us today!